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To Freedom.

Bendita Eva is a brand made up of women. They are our source of inspiration.

Free, brave women who always say what they feel.

They give us wings and serve as a starting point to create our collections.

With our Creativity

We travel all over the world to continue inspiring us, and then we come back to Spain where we manufacture all our collections.

We add the latest trends and a magical touch that makes them unique jewellery.

All our collections are made using beliefs such as Numerology and Astrology.

With quality

We manufacture all our jewellery with noble materials such as sterling silver, gold and surgical steel.

We also design with natural stones and natural pearls that give a special energy to all our pieces.

In our atelier we combine craftsmanship with the latest technologies. This allows us to be in constant evolution.

We are very proud to manufacture in Spain.

With Love

Love is what moves us, the love for what we do, for the family that we have created in this company
that we have created in this company, the love for the jewellery that we imagine
... and for seeing the result when they reach you.
"Do what you want in life, but always with LOVE".