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Tigris braided necklace

  • €84,00
Tax included.
Finish --- Oro de 18K
Material -- Plata de ley 925
Weight --- 14,3 gr
Closure --- Mosquetón
Chain length --- 45 cm
Thickness --- 7 mm
Other finishes

From Eden there flowed a river that watered the whole garden and was divided into four paradises: Pison, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates.
From this magic is born Braid, the collection of braided necklaces and bracelets by Bendita Eva made of 925 Sterling Silver and which symbolises this journey through the source of life.
At 45 centimetres long, the Tigris braid necklace, simulating the course of the waters of silver, gold and copper reflections, is finished in high quality silver and gold plating.





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