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At Bendita Eva we know the importance of rings in jewellery. We love women's hands and how we use body language with them to emphasize our message. That is why we have designed different collections with gold and silver rings for women. Our rings are pieces that inspire, empower you and make you feel free. We have rings in different styles and for different occasions: simple rings, risky rings, rings with rhinestones and plain rings, braided rings, double or triple rings. Combine them together and use them on different fingers and phalanges to make that part of your body, your hands, something special. Our rings are made of 925 sterling silver and gold and rhodium plated. Many of them are adjustable and others are available in different sizes so that you can wear them on any of your fingers. The Rings collection is designed to celebrate the alliance between women, to empower us and to make us feel free, that's why you can find very different rings. Rings that you can combine, smooth rings with zircons, thick rings with rough texture, rings in silver and gold plated.

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