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At Bendita Eva all our designs are more than just jewellery. Our gold and silver earrings for women are little charms that will bring you luck and good energy while accompanying you in your day to day life.

Travelling the world, we keep up to date with trends and design our collections mixing shapes, colours and sizes so that you have all the options at your disposal. Earrings for every day and also earrings for special occasions. Feel free to mix gold and silver earrings, ear-cuffs and hoops, plain earrings and coloured earrings, dangling earrings with stud earrings, small earrings with big earrings... so you can give it your personal touch. DIY.

Our earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver and 18 Kt gold plated or rhodium plated. In our collections you will find pearl earrings, hoops, earrings with zirconia, individual earrings, earcuffs.

We also combine different types of clasps so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Earrings with snap clasp, omega clasp and Catalan clasp.

Silver and gold earrings for women in different thicknesses, sizes and textures.  In our Gipsy Queen collection you can choose between braided and plain earrings. Hoops with stars, moons, lightning bolts or dangling crosses. All of them will make you travel to nomadic civilizations and project the strength and sensuality of gypsy women.

Ear cuffs are a must this summer. We have designed gold and silver ear cuffs for women in different shapes and sizes so that you can make infinite combinations. Single ear cuffs, double ear cuffs, triple ear cuffs, ring ear cuffs, pendants...  They are the real stars of our Imagine collection

Originally You is our most exclusive collection. Original ear cuffs created only at Bendita Eva so you can give a special touch to your ear. We sell them 1 by 1 for those who love asymmetry, but you can also buy them 2 by 2. Feel free and combine gold and silver, plain earrings with earrings with coloured zirconia, ...

Natural pearls have always been a classic in jewellery. With the Back to White collection we reinvent ourselves and design gold and silver earrings with round and baroque pearls so you can admire the beauty of this phenomenon of nature.

At Bendita Eva we also have earrings and mini earrings to combine in your second and third hole. Made of silver and plated in gold or rhodium, the Mix and Match collection offers earrings in different shapes: sun, moon, horseshoe, cross, clover...

All women have an inner glow that we must project to the outside. We have earrings with shiny zirconia in the Shine Bright collection to reflect this light in our daily lives. Also, in the Rainbow collection, our earrings have coloured zirconia.


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